1. Privacy: We are honored to be entrusted with the care of your pet and home, and we will keep all of your information private and confidential. We recommend that you let a trusted neighbor know that while you are away, Brazen Tails will be coming by.
  2. Keys: Brazen Tails will obtain your house key during the initial visit, when service is scheduled and agreements are signed. We will make a copy for backup, and it will be kept at Erin’s house in case of emergency. Keys will be returned on the last day of service; if you would like your key dropped off at an alternate time, there will be a $15 fee. If you plan to use our service intermittently, we recommend that you leave a key with us.
  3. Alarms: Clients must ensure that Brazen Tails has access to their homes and any necessary security system information. If we are given a non-working key or incorrect alarm information, the client will be still be billed for the visit.
  4. Visit times: We schedule walks and visits within a 2-hour window. If we are caring for multiple pets during that period, times may shift slightly to accommodate all clients, but we do our best to arrive at the appointed time.
  5. Others entering your home: If there will be other people entering and leaving your home while you are away, Brazen Tails is not liable for problems they may cause. Please let us know at our consultation if anyone else has access to your home: cleaning services, repair people, friends, family, and neighbors.
  6. Vaccinations: We require that all pets have up to date vaccinations and immunizations before service begins. We may ask to see expiration dates for rabies vaccinations.
  7. Behavioral issues: Please disclose all pet behavioral issues to us. Brazen Tails cannot provide service for aggressive animals, or those with a history of biting. This is for the safety of both the pet sitter and the other animals we care for.
  8. Injury: Animals can be unpredictable. Brazen Tails is not liable for animal behavior which results in injury to a client’s pet. If a Brazen Tails provider is harmed or injured by the client’s pet, the client accepts full responsibility for the cost of any necessary medical attention.
  9. Strange dogs: We will try our best not to let your dog interact with strange dogs. If dogs approach us off-leash, we will do our best to keep interaction to a minimum.
  10. Tags: All pets must wear identification tags with a contact number while in our care.
  11. Visiting dogs: All visiting dogs for whom you request a walk must have a consultation before we can walk them.
  12. Leashes: In some instances, we may ask that you provide an alternate walking tool (i.e. harness, shorter leash, or non-retractable leash) for the safety of your pet.
  13. Clean-up: We will clean up after your pets to the best of our ability. Please let us know where appropriate cleaning supplies are stored. If accidents occur above and beyond the ordinary, Brazen Tails will charge a $5 fee for clean-up time.
  14. Cancellations: Monday through Friday, visits can be cancelled before 9 am at no charge. If a client fails to cancel and Brazen Tails arrives for a scheduled visit, the client will be billed for the visit.
  15. Inclement weather: On your contract, we will request the name and phone number of a trusted person who lives near you. In the rare event that Brazen Tails is unable to reach your home due to impassable roads, we will contact you to let you know, then contact that person to request assistance.
  16. Last-minute requests: We ask for 24 hours notice when requesting walks. Requests made after 8 pm the night before are considered last-minute requests, which are subject to availability and a $5 surcharge.
  17. Payment: Brazen Tails accepts cash or checks. Payment is due within a week of receipt of invoice.
  18. Returned check charges: There is a $30 fee for all returned checks.
  19. Late payments: There is a 10% late charge for all late payments. Payments are considered late one week after receipt of invoice.